Joshua 15:19 – Achsah, Caleb’s Daughter

The Bible Bus stopped in the Negev (desert) at Oasis Achsah (anklet) which had a lower spring where water fairly leaped from the ground. In the fifteenth century BC it had been an ancient popular gathering spot.

Caleb wanted to possess Kirjath-sepher (city of books), so he named it as the city any suitor must capture to win the hand of his beautiful daughter Achsah. Apparently Caleb wanted both his daughter and son-in-law to get good educations after the marriage.

Caleb’s Daughter

Gave his Achsah to brave Othni-el.
She got springs. Now forever can tell
all the folks gathered ‘round
to hear Othniel, renowned,
speaking truth like an ar-tesian well.

Joshua 15:16-17
Joshua 15:19
Gathered around any of her wells
Othniel means God is Might
John 7:38 

Now beautiful bride Achsah will have a believing husband Othniel (God is might), a great education, and will own the most popular watering hole in the area. That’s a picture of what a lady ought to have in Christ, a believing husband, a sixty-six book Bible, and a great local church where she can be a well of water sharing the Word of God with others John 4:14.

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