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Ruth 1:14 – Ruth’s Big Decision

Early in the time of the Judges, this lovely idyll stands out from that period of strife and bloodshed. In this literary masterpiece Ruth’s new life with Boaz foreshadows our new life in Christ.


1,   Ruth deciding
2,     Ruth serving
3,      Ruth resting
4,    Ruth’s reward
5,         Ruth’s Son

Ruth’s Big Decision

Ruth decided she’d stick with Na-omi,
whom she’d serve, though Ruth wasn’t a homey.
When she rested in faith,
got her man, Bible saith.
You say Jesusg-g mom? Then show-me.

Ruth 1:16-18
Ruth 2:2-3
Ruth 3:7
Ruth 4:13-14
g g g grandmother, Matt 1:1-5

“May the LORD make the woman who has come into your house famous in Bethlehem, Ruth 4:11″.  Click on “Leviticus 25:34 – Ruth, In Leviticus?“, and on “Proverbs 19:14 – Prudent Wife, Gift From God“.

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