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Ruth 4:6 – Boaz Got Into The Plan

An unnamed closer relative than Boaz, referred to only as ‘the next of kin’, had the option to buy Naomi’s deceased husband’s land but didn’t realize that Ruth, the Moabitess widow, would be part of the deal. Boaz also thought that when the man discovered Ruth was a Gentile*, he would reject the deal.

To interpret this picture, consider that:

Ruth means beauty.
Boaz means strength.
Naomi means pleasant.
Elimelech means God of the King.

So beauty got strength; the mother-in-law was pleased; and God of the King remained off-stage. Nice!


No, Thank You, Sir

“Yes, I’ll buy that nice parcel of land.
Then said Bo-az, “You mis-understand.
Friend, along with the loot
goes this widow to boot.
“Then my offer I now counter-mand.

Said the man, Ruth 4:4 
Ruth 4:5
Again Ruth 4:5
And again, Ruth 4:5
Said the man, Ruth 4:6

Thank God that the Lord Jesus was willing to take some Gentiles as His bride. Truly Jesus has become ‘our Boaz’ John 3:29.

*Click on “Leviticus 25:34 – Ruth, In Leviticus?“.

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