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Zechariah 8:19 – First Mention of Fasting

Few people realize that the first mention of “fast” or “fasting” in the Bible is way back in 2nd Samuel.

Nowhere in the books of the Law does the concept of fasting appear, although by Zechariah’s time it was well established. The closest thing to fasting in the Law was the Day of Atonement where the people were told to deny themselves for one day Leviticus 23:26-28.

Feasts Not Fasts

The word fasting’s not found in the Law.
Then from Samuel on, it’s see-saw.
In Zech’, fasts will be feasts,
lots of veggies, roast beasts.
From God’s Judah a shout of hurrah!

Not in Genesis thru 1 Samuel
Occasional, 2 Samuel 12:21
Prophecy, Zechariah 8:19
Again Zechariah 8:19
Genesis 49:10 

Fasting was much admired by the Pharisees who fasted twice a week in Jesus’ time Luke 18:10-14. The word fast took on a different tone in Acts 13:2-3.

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