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Zechariah 8:19 – First Mention of Fasting

Few people realize that the first mention of “fast” or “fasting” in the Bible is way back in 2 Samuel 12:21-23.

Nowhere in the books of the Law does the concept of fasting appear, although by Zechariah’s time it was well established Zechariah 8:19. The closest thing to fasting in the Law was the Day of Atonement where the people were told to deny themselves for one day Leviticus 23:26-28.

Feasts Not Fasts

The word fasting’s not found in the Law.
Then from Samuel on, it’s see-saw.
In Zech’, fasts will be feasts,
lots of veggies, roast beasts.
From God’s Judah a shout of hurrah!

Not in Genesis thru 1 Samuel
Occasional, 2 Samuel 12:21
Prophecy, Zechariah 8:19
Genesis 49:10 

Fasting was much admired by the Pharisees who fasted twice a week in Jesus’ time Luke 18:10-14. The word fast took on a different tone in Acts 13:2-3.

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