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Assuming God the Father enjoys watching his children as much as the writer enjoyed watching his nine kids play around, we are writing this website to help Bible enthusiasts, teachers, and preachers add a bit of humor to their ministry of God’s Word. These little poems are like a punch line for every half-page or so of your Bible. On every page we use the limerick format because it is inherently humorous.

When reading any of our over three thousand pages, pass your cursor over each blue-tinted Bible reference to make the Bible text appear instantly. Click on the dotted line portion of the pop-up to see the verse in full context. It also makes this website less useful in printed form as too much time would be required to look up all the references.

Teachers/preachers have found it takes less than five minutes to read aloud verbatim the half-page or so of the applicable Bible text plus our accompanying website page. Assuming discussion time is limited, you will cover four or five Bible pages every Sunday, driving through the entire Bible in about seven years. That’s why we called our class The Bible Bus. Over the years the Bus Driver has accumulated two or three for every text page in his Bible, sufficient to give the class a chuckle every few minutes. Laughter is like ‘carbonated holiness’ Acts 13:52. Everyone likes it and nobody sleeps.

Since the Bible is not a jumble of sixty-six different books but a single coherent true story about God’s dealings with his people, we look for allusions to Jesus the Son of God on every page, both in the Old and New Testaments.

You are free to use these pages for your personal enjoyment, in your teaching, or as accent marks while you proclaim the gospel. Our copyright gives us the right to revoke this privilege.

Why The Poems?

     Poems fit on a cellular screen,
tiny space for God’s Word to be seen.
If our stuff isn’t neat
then they may never eat
from our menu of Gospel Cuisine.

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