Bible Study Humor

The Lord Jesus, the man of sorrows of Isaiah 53:3, endured the cross for the JOY that was set before him Hebrews 12:2″, an unexpected response to say the least. When suddenly one connects such a wondrous Bible incongruity, the JOY we experience is what we call ‘Bible humor’. Humor comes in many forms. For an example of ‘sardonic humor’ click on “1 Samuel 5:12 – Sardonic Bible Humor“.

We use the ‘little poem’ format over these thirty-one hundred pages to enhance that joyful experience, even in its unfunny portions such as in most of Jeremiah. If you’d like be to able to to read/teach almost anywhere in the Bible, using that touch of humor, we recommend you get a plain text Bible and speed read it through ‘cover to cover’ without asking questions along the way. Then do it a second time. Although this may take a while, you’ll love the results, for no longer will you be a Bible neophyte.

Now read a broad selection of this website’s pages to see how you can use the little poems. Do not short-cut this process. Test the charm of these pages in all sixty-six books from Genesis through The Revelation. Enjoy God’s subtle humor as He bridges the vast disparity between Himself and man.

At this point you’ll be ready to start a Bible Bus Class. To prepare for the first class select a Bible portion and print out the website pages for that portion. Start the class by reminding them that the Holy Spirit is their Teacher 1 John 2:27, that the Bible on their lap is a window to the outside, and that you are just the Tour Guide. First read aloud the Bible text, then read aloud the top paragraph(s) on the corresponding website page, and then the five-line poem itself, hopefully getting a chuckle. Finally read the closing paragraph at the bottom of the page. Continue repeating these cycles, taking about five minutes each, until time to close the Class in prayer. People learn better when they laugh. Humor is a precious but elusive commodity. Hopefully you’ll find a bit of it here Proverbs 25:2 and Colossians 3:16.

P. S.  Look for shadows of Christ on every Bible page John 20:31. He’s there!